Measuring Nutrients Where It Matters

To ensure a nutrition program has impact, the target nutrients must reach the tables of those that need it most. Tracking nutrients at every point of the food value chain ensures that a nutrition program leads to the expected health benefit in a population. Our products and services help organizations to measure impact and spend their funds effectively. By doing this we help to improve the nutritional status of millions of people.


Biofortification is the process of enriching plants with vitamins and minerals through selection and breeding. Our technologies make it possible to test the nutrient profiles of crops in the field to accelerate the selection and breeding process.

Food Fortification Monitoring

We enable local capacity to monitor food fortification programs effectively by delivering analytical equipment, quality control and monitoring protocols customized for the local use as well as providing on-the-ground training.

Coverage & Market Surveys

We offer services to measure, analyze and report on the levels of micronutrients in the staple foods collected on regional or national level – at a fraction of the cost and time of other labs.

Nutritional Status Surveys

We help to design and execute nutritional status surveys, delivering evidence on the nutritional status in populations. Our products enable the sharing of data with the population in real-time.

Worldwide Stories

By taking the lab out of the analysis and the complex out of the measurement, we have developed rapid testing solutions that enable nutritional testing, anywhere in the world. In collaboration with our partners, we enable the improvement of nutrition along the value chain. Visit the map to see stories of our solutions in action.

Our Partners