Our Services

To support our customers with reliable results for evidence-based decision making we provide a range of services. Our product specialists are available to assist you either remotely or at your facility.

Customized solutions

We offer to our customer’s development and commercialization of customized testing solutions in following areas:

  • Personalized Nutrition: assessing nutritional status of an individual on site with a drop of blood
  • Food & Feed Safety: rapid and on site testing of food safety indicators
  • Food & Feed Quality: rapid and on site testing of food nutritional quality indicators


On-site support:

  • To ensure that iCheck performs accurately in the hands of the operator our technical experts provide extensive hands-on trainings and workshops at customer’s site.

On-line support:

  • Training is also offered via video-conference. Furthermore we are continuously available to respond to technical inquiries via WhatsApp, e-mail and phone.

Fit-for-purpose testing

  • To ensure that our products accurately measure a specific type of sample we offer in house feasibility tests and sample preparation protocol development.
  • For complex samples that may require extra sample preparation steps we offer development of customized sample preparation protocols.

Coverage studies

  • For customers that are conducting large-scale surveys to assess coverage at the market or household of fortified food, we offer in-house testing services in cooperation with accredited lab service providers.
  • When the samples cannot be shipped to us in Germany, we can provide training and administration of testing on-site.


Each method, sample type and analyte must be validated to correctly assess accuracy of results before any decision can take place. We offer planning and execution of validation studies for iChecks vs reference methods with specific samples and analytes. The studies are conducted in collaboration with academic institutions and accredited labs.

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