Steffi loves to be outdoors appreciating nature

Introducing the BioAnalyt Team series.Stefanie Hinze, our Sales Manager, was born in the town of Neuruppin, in the Brandenburg region of Germany. Neuruppin is known for its closeness to nature with its beautiful and scenic nature parks. The city is also the birthplace of Theodor Fontane, a famous German writer, and Karl Friedich Schinkel, a renowned Prussian architect and artist whose famous works are showcased throughout Berlin. Steffi grew up in this lovely town together with her older sister in a rural farmhouse with livestock.

Steffi during her intern time in BioAnalyt’s lab

Steffi began her Bachelors’ studies in 2012 at the Technical University in Chemnitz (Saxony, Germany), where she studied sociology with focus on the public. In 2016, Steffi moved to Potsdam, Germany to further her studies, where she completed her Masters’ degree in Statistics and Social Work.

She joined the BioAnalyt Team in 2018 as an intern and was later offered a position in the sales team. Steffi’s BioAnalyt story shows the results of dedication and the willingness to learn new things. The project Steffi’s worked on as an intern involved the determination of micronutrient content in fortified staple foods (wheat flour, maize flour, edible oils) collected from households in Mozambique using iCheck. Although she had never worked in a lab before, she says, “It [the project] sounded so interesting, that I wanted to find out more about what BioAnalyt was doing. On-site, I got a crash course about the iCheck measurement method. After only a few hours of practice, I was amazed at how easy the iCheck method was.”

Steffi and her friends enjoying an evening together

When Steffi’s student project ended, she was asked to join BioAnalyt’s sales team, which she happily accepted! Today, as a sales manager, Steffi enjoys talking to customers, offering them the best possible service, and always tries to leave them with a smile. When asked what she appreciates most about her job, she replies, “besides working in such a great team, I am constantly learning new things. I am confronted daily with issues regarding fortification, malnutrition and the relevance of vitamins and minerals. Each customer has different needs. I am happy to see that many of those I talk to are passionate about nutrition and micronutrient testing.

When not at BioAnalyt, Steffi likes to spend her free time either taking walks outside in nature or with friends and family. She likes to spoil her loved ones with home-cooked foods and cannot imagine living without barbecues and “girls’ evenings out”.

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